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The main charity we support is Rainbow Child Foundation – Registered Charity No. 1158348

Rainbow Child Foundation was founded by Chico Slimani, his wife Daniyela and brother JC Mac. The organisation donates 100% of their profits to the people they support and strive to help children all over the World through the building of orphan homes, water play pumps, sanitation units and much more.


The aim of Rainbow Child Foundation is to provide care and spiritual understanding to the chidren of this world, from the aids children in Africa to the Tsunami refugees, and basically every child that we can reach and help. We will be able to build schools and shelter, educate people not only in the acadamical sense but spiritual education.

Chico Charity

In the time Rainbow Child Foundation has aided the building of orphanages to provide shelter and a home, as well as play pumps to provide clean drinking water to thousands. Videos of these projects can be found below.

Now I have the media as a tool to use I believe that one day we aim to educate, shelter, feed and nurture the underpriveliged and sick children of this world.

Chico RainbowFace Of The Globe Director, Lucie Hide, has always strived to use her events to aid various charities, which has contributed in raising over £100,000 GBP (Approx $166,500 USD) to good causes over her career. A figure she aims to double with Face Of The Globe over the next two years!

To find out more visit the website at www.RainbowChildFoundation.co.uk

Video Link: Rainbow Child Foundation in Cambodia

Video Link: Rainbow Child Foundation in Malawi

Interview with Mini Miss Charity (and overall highest fundraiser of the year 2013) Hope Burton-Baddeley

Interview with Teen Miss Charity 2013 winner Shaylah Bowman from Australia

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