Face Of The Globe prides itself on the level of entries we receive through recommendations, after finalists who take part enjoy their day and spread the word to others.

We were fortunate enough to pick up the awards for “Inspirational Businesswoman of the Year” and also “Best Director” for Lucie Hide, our CEO, and “Best Pageant” for Face Of The Globe. Our official photographer, Paul Carrol also received the award for “Best Pageant Photographer”

Below are just some of the feedback we have received. If you would like to send your comments, please email


Paul Carroll  |  Pageant Photographer

Face of the Globe is the premier all age pageant in the country. It’s an all inclusive competition that balances the fun of pageant with the community awareness and fund raising element .

The Face of the Globe team are experienced in the pageant industry with each member offering something different and this is invaluable as the unique aspect of this pageant system is that it draws the girls from all over the world and with the finals being held in two countries keeping the fun going whilst balancing the seamless transfer of two hundred people across Europe makes the whole event seem more like an adventure than a competition.

Face of the Globe should be voted  Pageant of the Year for a number of reasons , its unique , its fun , its raises thousands for charity and it brings girls of all ages and all cultures together who make friends for life , long after the crowns have been awarded!


Stacie Daniels | Grand Finalist 2014

I just wanted to say thankyou so much to you and the rest of the team for such an amazing week! This has been one of my best experiences yet! I can not wait to try and enter for next year! Once again thankyou so so much! As extreme as it sounds, Face of the Globe really has changed my life xx


Kylie Hearne  |  Owner of Stardust Boutique

Face of the Globe is unlike any other pageant in that the founder and director Lucie Hide views her contestants and whole ideal of the competition as completely different to any other; Lucie wants the girls to have an amazing experience and enjoy themselves while gaining confidence and making friends. I know this because I have spoken to Lucie many many times about her business, and as I have spoken to many many pageant directors in my time, Lucie stands out entirely because of her very rare attitude to pageants which is ideally the view that I think all directors should take.

Through regular conversations with Lucie I have come to understand that there is more to her as a director than making money. Lucie would like to make a living but does not strive to profit greedily from her business. Instead, I have seen her create opportunities and SPEND whatever hard-earned (REALLY hard-earned) money that her and the team have managed to accrue on her contestants and winners, frequently splurging (oops!) to send girls to events and give them fantastic and enjoyable experiences. I think this is a side to Face of the Globe that perhaps does not get noticed by outsiders looking in, but as someone that speaks to Lucie regularly I am astounded at how much she seems to work for her contestants and their families rather than herself.

This ‘spoiling’ of her contestants is entirely justified. Face of the Globe contestants have raised a phenomenal amount of money for the charity ‘the rainbowchild foundation’. This is something that is close to Lucie’s heart, and in the past Lucie has stressed at how important this aspect of the competition is. This is clear by the highlight of charity work right at the front and top of the home page of the Face of the Globe website.

Face of the Globe is like any other small pageant out there with the ideals of working for the girls and for charity, except that Lucie is making it bigger and better. For Lucie this is what she wants to do with her life. She calls me up to tell me what new things her contestants are doing for charity and sometimes just to excitedly tell me to look at a contestant’s page. This is the difference – Face of the Globe takes an interest in EVERY individual girl. I remain astounded that Lucie manages to remember every girl’s name, where they are from and other things about them.

Finally I have to say that in the year or so since the creation of Face of the Globe – WOW how it has grown. It is a totally professional and fully functioning pageant, but is totally unique. It is International in its own right, and I cannot think of another pageant that is based in the UK that has had this kind of success ever, let alone in the space of less than two years.  I sincerely hope that Face of the Globe win this award, I know how much it would mean to them, and how much they would value it. I have seen how hard the team has worked travelling up and down the country and cannot think of any pageant more deserving.


Cassie Broom  |  1st runner up Face Of The Globe Wales 2013 |   Face Of The Year 2014 | 

I honestly don’t know where to start with a reference for Face of the Globe Beauty Pageant, it has been such an important part of my life over the last year, and there quite simply doesn’t appear to be a word good enough to describe this pageant.

I guess we should start from the begin and I’ll try to explain what the pageant means to me and hopefully you will start to feel what an incredible rare gem that Face of the Globe is.

I should start with the fact I have entered a few pageants. After my first pageant, which will remain nameless for this story, I vowed that I would never enter another one. That they were the worst thing ever, and I agreed with everything bad any one had ever said about them.

One day while scrolling through Facebook I came across a pageant run by Lucie Hide and from that moment everything I thought and believed, and had even experienced within pageants faded into a distant memory.

I have, well I am now proud to say, had very low confidence in myself, which came from bullying and various other events through my life. After just speaking to Lucie Hide and the team I was starting to feel better about myself. My first heat with the Face of Globe was the Welsh regional in Cardiff.  After my neck and back ached for days and I soon realised it was because I hadn’t been used to holding my head quite so high. I couldn’t stop smiling.

My grades in Uni got better, I got dream job after dream job within stage management. All because I wasn’t afraid to put myself out there and I had the confidence in myself. Face of the Globe and their team have changed the way I live my life, for the better. Face of the Globe isn’t just a pageant, it’s a family, its friends, it makes a difference. I don’t think I’d be where I am today without the teams hard work.

The week in Disney and my regional were run so smoothly and calmly there was no panicking, there was no fuss, you felt totally safe and in trusted hands. I also watched some other regionals run by the team and it was nice to see they were run with the same professionalism everyone got the same great experience.

The pageant is all about the contestants, who they are, who they want to be and the charity work they do. The system is trustworthy, there are no restrictions everyone is welcome. Once the pageant ends, as a contestant your journey doesn’t the team still say hello and check in. The judges are always chosen with care and want you to do well, they aren’t there to watch you fail.

I have entered many other pageants since my first heat with Face of the Globe but it will always be my favourite and my first choice. The sponsorship price is really good and you feel that you get your monies worth not like other pageants that just take you’re money and you give no help, advice and support and don’t care if you do your best or not.

Lucie and her team are the best around and why settle when you can have the best there is. I think a 12 hour round trip to Hastings (with work at 8am the next day) to compete in the first regional of the year should show my commitment to the system, I just couldn’t wait until July for the Wales heat.

I just haven’t found a pageant that compares to FOG I don’t understand how it couldn’t win. Lucie and team work endlessly to make it the best it can possibly be and they are always there to help, even answer the most stupid questions ever. It just gets better day by day. I can’t thank them enough for everything.


Zohra Bhatti  |  Mother of Lamissah, Mini Midlands 2014 Winner 


Hi my name is Zohra Bhatti .. upon hearing that Face Of The Globe was finalist for the Pageant of the year award..
I immediately asked if i was able to put a testimonial forward…
Where do i even begin… do you have a lifetime.. Wow ..

Upon my first correspondence and conversation well before even applying for my little 6 year old daughter until now and everyday they have been outstanding in every single way.. supporting advising guiding and explaining all about the Pageant thoroughly … answering all the questions and putting your minds at ease.. seeing that professional loving caring warmth manner at the very first start of me even just enquiring was a beautiful thing to see.. i felt no pressure whatsoever… in fact if anything wanted me to apply even more… they went through step by step.. welcoming explaining guiding and supporting all the way… i quite often contacted them by all different means readily available and the team was always loving friendly welcoming approachable  and helpful in everyway.

After applying for my daughter who was in the mini age category.. Once again their daily step by step .. professional overwhelming support kindness love and guidance was and still to date is amazing… the feeling of wanted and genuine sincere respect for every single finalist and their families are taken to a different level.. i personally contacted them several times needing support in several matters and they always dealt with any queries immediately and put my mind at ease and helped me all the way.. making my experience easy comfortable with no stress whatsoever in fact quite the opposite i myself and my 6yr old daughter was left to do nothing but enjoy every daily experience in the life with Face Of the Globe.

Upon run up to the Pageant my daughter was competing in … they again constantly guiding every single one of us.. on a beautiful personal manner with utmost respect and true loyalty.. ensuring we all have a enjoyable time… they seriously take their work to a different level.. the feeling of love and a family unit.. is overwhelming sincerely from the heart.. praising and supporting every single pageant girl and their families.. truly encouraging them which is such a beautiful thing to see.. and have them tell you they are so proud of you and your achievements however big and small.. nothing is frowned upon..but welcomed and appreciated with open arms. How they run the face of the globe page showing and praising everyone with their albums and groups they set up for not only support from them but allowing us all privately be able to become one big happy family.. as that what face of the globe is to me… its not just welcoming every nation from all over the world to be for a beauty pageant it’s about showing the unity love and spirit of a whole world be joined from different nations countries and faiths all together.. that’s what make them so truly special to me.. beauty is not just skin deep but true beauty is inside and out.. face of the globe embraces that.. its not about the how big a dress is or how much u have spent.. beauty is visible in the simplest way and that is what face of globe embraces. My little girl being in the mini section.. was gratefully welcomed by myself that its a natural beauty pageant where no makeup hair pieces heels etc is allowed children being just that children.. little  girls how they should be in party dresses they would naturally wear to a friend’s birthday party..

Upon Pageant day… 10th May 2104 Chester Music Theatre was amazing.. the support of the hands on face of the globe team was a massive shock to see just how much these girls actually do and put in to the schedule and venue and girls it’s quite unbelievable to be honest.. Working with each and every single girl individually showing them coaching them training them and making them all feel relaxed at ease and happy… you can see just how much the face of the globe team enjoy what they do.. the hands on approach is overwhelming and greatly appreciated by all.. doing the rehearsal as a parent knowing they have dealt with and dealing with everything for your daughter is amazing… the informal interview.. is very loving and taken to another level.. very gentle with the girls .. especially the minis whom obviously are quite nervous.. but after the interview the girls are relaxed and at ease.. because they have no worries or stress the team have thoroughly gone through everything with them.. they are just eager to get up on stage.. and are so happy and content.

After the Chester pageant.. i actually travelled down to the pageant they was having the following day at Midlands 11th May 2014 at City Rooms.. which can i say venue was wow amazing…  i would just like to say that from a personal experience as i stayed behind after the first pageant for them to  make full arrangements for myself and my daughter to travel down.. unexpectedly to the next pageant including hotel and getting to venue etc.. seeing just how hard work the face of the globe team do… arranging the venues… setting up the venues…doing all the registrations .. rehearsal.. arranging sorting.. actual pageant then all the cleaning venue up.. putting tables chairs etc away … then travelling down many miles for hours of driving to the next venue… experiencing that first hand with them all… and still seeing every single one of them so loving helpful supportive caring warm welcoming in absolutely every single way on very little sleep to then go on to do a repeat again of all involved of the smooth running of a stunningly beautiful pageant is quite honestly outstanding unbelievable… i can’t explain in words why or how to explain the hospitality and sincere hard work these ladies genuinely hands on put into these pageants.. what they do how hard they work i can honestly say it not fully appreciated even i would never seen the full extent of just how so very hard these ladies work… if i hadn’t of been allowed to enter to the pageant being held day after.. but the passion and dedication they have in face of the globe s what makes them so very special and so worthy of winning Pageant of the Year.. there’s more to running a pageant than having some pretty girls walk up and down with pretty dresses on.. and Face Of The Globe and their dedicated hard working team all meet the criteria… they are breathtakingly perfect in everyway… i personally am so very proud and extremely honoured of our experiences with face of the globe… its not till you spend a day in the life of the face of the globe team do u actually just realise how seriously hard work is involved.. yet no matter always on a professional loving friendly approachable  nature with a very strong family bond… i would just like to personally thank every single one of the team for everything they have done not just for my little girl but for all the girls involved… seeing girls flourish bloom grow in confidence deal with issues such as shyness confidence issues and many more personal issues that we heard.. to hear that because of face of the globe those girls had overcome their fears and conquered them was amazing true life stories to here… that’s what face of the globe is about… bringing girls together.. creating friends for life.. having fun.. meeting new people from different likes of life.. having fantastic opportunities given to them.. and making a real difference in the world supporting the charity Rainbow Child Foundation… is what face of the globe is about…
Please i ask of you to truly think about all the aspects i have said.. they are and can only be one true Pageant of the year… and i do strongly believe it should go to face of the globe team… they are outstandingly amazing in every way…
I do sincerely apologize for going on… i could go on a lot more… they is so much good to tell you about them…
please feel free to contact me for any more info if needed… i would kindly assist in any way.. its the least i can do for the team and how they have changed all our lives …
if you need to talk to me personally i would be greatly appreciative and completely happy to assist …


Katherine Harris  |  Midlands Adult Finalist 2014  

“I am a finalist for the Face of The Midlands and have to say how much I have enjoyed being a part of this incredible organisation!
Since I applied Lucie & Hollie have been incredibly supportive and helpful, not only with information about the event but with generally keeping in touch and supporting me as a contestant.
Whenever I have uploaded a picture or information about an appearance, I have been met with encouragement and praise!
I cannot wait until the 11th May to (finally) meet the team!!”


Dawn Willis | Mother of Georgia, North West Junior 2014 winner

Last month my 11year old daughter entered the North West region for Face of The Globe. Having never been involved with a pageant before the prospect was quite daunting.

As soon as we arrived the welcome and hospitality was nothing short of brilliant.  It was well organised and very professional. Everyone had a smile on their face and couldn’t do enough for you.

After the pageant the communication with the Face of Globe team has been amazing. Nothing is too much trouble for them and they never make you feel like you are bothering them.

I am kept up to date of all events. Their use of Social media to advertise and stay in touch is friendly and focused. I have no doubt in my mind that entering my daughter with this pageant has been a positive decision and one I would recommend to others.


Carolyn Burton-Baddeley  |  Mother of Hope and Evie our North West Junior 2013 and 2014 finalists

My daughter Hope took part in the Face of the Globe last year and had an amazing time. Before we entered the pageant Hopey was a quiet little girl, lacking in confidence after having had not a fantastic time in school.   Like a lot of children she dreamed of being a princess and after watching Toddlers and Tiaras she dreamed of doing pageants. initially I was totally against the idea, as I personally do not agree with children of 8, like Hope wearing fake tan, make up and skimpy costumes- I think children should be able to be children.  So after a lot of research we came across Face of the Globe, which seemed to be the answer to our prayers.  All the initial worries and queries I had Were dealt with very swiftly and efficiently by Lucie and her team and I decided to enter Hope,

Another main focus of the pageant appeared to be the charity, and this is something Hope wanted to embrace,  this pageant, unlike all the others has some meaning, a title to work for that means something and for us was a long term commitment, not just turn up on the day with a crown and a sash and then off to the next pageant,  it is a pageant with meaning and something to strive and aim for,

To cut a long story short, my daughter raised over £4365 for charity, which is something we would never have had the inspiration to do if it wasn’t for face of the globe and has given her the realisation that there are other people in this world who aren’t as fortunate as she is. She won miss charity and this made her exceptionally proud and me a proud mummy – it gave her back her self belief and confidence. This pageant is life changing and is one where hard work is rewarded – if you put the work In – it’s returned back ten times with the wonderful experiences you encounter The experience that we had in Disney was fantastic, we made friends for life and unlike other pageants there was no nastiness, no bitching, no competitiveness – every parent and child were supportive of each other as were the Face of the Globe staff,  the whole finals were amazingly well run and everyone had a ball.  The memories are priceless.

This is not a quick fix pageant where people win based on who they know and who their friends are- its not about making money for Lucie and the team it’s fair and based about bringing out the best in every single contestant and their families.  It is a pageant with ethics, value and meaning where hard work is rewarded- Lucie and Hollie are friendly approachable and professional – so much so that I’m going through it all again with my older daughter this year!

Should you require any further information then please do not hesitate do contact me.


Julia Meager  |  Grandmother of Stephanie Rees 2013 and 2014 Junior Finalist
This is my testimonial for Lucie Hide and Face of the Globe and Team, from a parents view.

My child entered into Face of the Globe after having some traumatic things in her life causing her to lose her self esteem and confidence. I thought it would be a great way to help her realise what a loving, caring and beautiful young lady she is.

After an in depth conversation with Face of the Globe Director, Lucie Hide, I had the belief that this would be a good thing for Stephanie.

Stephanie worked hard for the Charity Rainbow Child Foundation, which gave her great pride in what she was doing and achieving, she also made appearances to promote the Face of the Globe and slowly I could see a change and saw that Stephanie was re-building her confidence.

Lucie and her team are very supportive of Stephanie and all of the Face of the Globe girls. It is one great big happy family, of which we have made many wonderful new friends.

The competitions are run well and are very organised. There is no  nastiness among the contestants and everyone is supportive of each other and I believe this is due to the fantastic nature of Lucie Hide. She clearly loves her job and this reflects to her team and onto the competitors.

We have attended many Pageants, since Stephanie won Face of the Globe last year, some very good, some not. Face of the Globe is by far the best and I personally thank Face of the Globe for allowing my child to be herself and realise that she is a very special little girl.

Thank you Face of the Globe, and may we all be together for many more years.


Fern Maxwell  |  Face Of The Globe 2013-2014

I would like to nominate face of the globe. I heard about this pageant back in 2013 I wanted to enter so much when I heard about it! When I entered they were all lovely to me and my best friend and little we sister as, we all entered at the same time. When I went to Disney, they treat you like one big family! Face of the Globe made my dream come true they have done so much the help me in so many ways! I really feel like this pageant should win !! They do so much for the girls, they get you so much, even when you are at any of the finals! Lucie and her team treat everyone the same!! They are there to help you no matter what time of day. They have made me see that me been dyslexia does not have to be hidden, because that’s a part of me! They give the winners the best year of their life!!! And I am so glad I entered. I had no faith in my self, and they have made me see that if you believe you can achieve anything you want , that’s why I think they really are the winners of Best UK Pageant.

Leah Andrews  |  Grand Finalist 2015

Hello ladies! I hope all of your pageant prep is going good and you’re very excited for the finals. I just thought I would share some advice with you as I was in your position last year, and although I was extremely excited and I was also very nervous.

You have made it this far and are lucky enough to be a finalist, so make the most of your journey. Making appearances is one of the best ways to gain confidence before the competition, and also to gain friends. If possible, meet up with some of the other finalists and do appearances together. Please don’t waste your title.

Raising money for charity, and knowing your hard work can help change somebody else’s life is an incredible feeling. Do what you can to raise money, even if you don’t raise hundreds, because every little helps and you’re still making a difference!!! If you’re stuck for fundraising ideas, look on Google, plenty of helpful websites online.

Get to know other contestants before hand, I promise you that knowing each other will make the day much more fun and exciting. Going somewhere, not knowing anyone can be very daunting so take the time to make friends. Remember that you are all in the same boat! Making friends is the best part of pageantry, I met some of my bestest pageant friends and sisters through FOG!

If you make any mistakes while on stage, DO NOT WORRY!! Honestly, it’s fine. You’re human after all and everyone makes mistakes, the judges know this. This is coming from the girl, who almost fell off the stage twice and giggled while giving my top five speech. I still went onto the internationals, won numerous awards and placed in top ten. Mistakes are natural.

The main thing, is to enjoy yourselves and relax. It’s an amazing experience and I know you will enjoy every moment. The highlight of my whole pageant journey is Face Of The Globe Wales, because I found who I am as a person and gained so much confidence. My self esteem flew through the roof, and I promise you, that when you leave at the end of the night, crown or not, you will have a new level of confidence.


Gilly Hulse  |  Grand Finalist 2014

It is quite hard to know where to begin in describing just how fantastic this system is. On a personal level, I had a bad dealing within the Pageant community and well, I was ready to leave. I then spoke to the team at FOG and well I am so glad I didn’t. Before I had even entered the entire team provided support and advice, especially Lucie the director and the stylist Kylie, without them I would no longer be an active member of the pageant community, and would have given up on my dreams. I am now a grand finalist in the 2014 final and well I am having the year of my life. Lucie, Hollie and the team are always providing support especially when I’m nervous and have not got a clue what to do. They make me believe in myself, and that is the most important thing that a pageant can provide.

I think the hours that the team put in are fantastic, I’ve even spoken to them in the early hours before via Facebook! But they never seem annoyed, always on hand to give advice and tips, even if I am not attending a formal globe event. The effort the entire team put in is second to none and in my eyes it pays off. Yes there are things bound to go wrong but, you would never know because the FOG team constantly act with professionalism yet are also approachable, in my eyes this is a unique thing within the pageant community as only a handful of directors can say they do this. FOG never seem to let the negative side of pageantry affect them, they always rise above it. That is special! They have faced their share of challenges and in my eyes have come out stronger and a better system for it.

This pageant  is clearly  important to the whole team, and you can’t tell they are not out to ‘make money’ as a lot of people believe the pageant community is out to do. Each member of the team cares about each contestant and even though there is only one main title for each age category, every single contestant walks away with an experience they will never forget and self –belief that they can achieve their dreams. That why FOG is not a team it’s a family.


Stephanie Rees  |   2013, 2014 & 2016 Junior Grand Finalist

I am 10 years old and I live in Kent. When I was 9 years old, I was going through some nasty bullying at school and horrible issues and trouble with my mum, who I do not live with. I live with my Grandma and Grandad and I have been with them since I was a baby. Through all of the trouble I was having I became very sad and unhappy, and did not like myself and thought no-one else liked me either. I was in a lot of pain and angry over the loss of my sister. My Grandma asked me if I would like to enter Face of the Globe and she told me what it was all about. I said no at first because I thought no-one would like me. My Grandma talked to me about this and said that I would have fun and meet new friends, so I said okay.  In May 2013 I entered for the South East Selection of Face of the Globe. There I saw Lucie Hide, who I had met before through Team England Selection, which Grandma took me to watch.

Lucie was so lovely and made me feel so special. I also met the other ladies Hollie and Heather, who look after us at Face of the Globe. I also met lots of other girls and had a fantastic time. Lucie talked to me and made me laugh and I love Lucie very much. I had a great time with the girls and I liked doing this because it was about the natural beauty of girls. I had raised money for the Rainbow Child Foundation and won the Charity award and I was also selected as the Junior Face of the Globe for the South East. This made me very excited, and meant I was going to Disney with Face of the Globe for the Grand Finals. I had a fantastic time there, and although I did not win, I have the fantastic memories and made a lot of new friends. I am going again this year because I was chosen as Runner up this year,  and I really cannot wait, it is the best thing ever. I am so proud of my sash and Crown (sad it got broken though) and it was the best ever time in my life.  I will always stay with Face of the Globe as long as I can.

Thank you Lucie for giving me the chance, I love you lots and I am a very lucky girl to be a part of your pageant.


Melanie Berry   |   Mother of Hannah, Teen North West Finalist 2013 & 2014 

As a parent I was worried about letting my daughter Hannah enter the world of Pageants, after years of having her confidence knocked at school I was worried pageants would only make this worse , with Hannah not being the most competitive person at school I felt she would flounder.

She entered Face of the Globe North West heat in 2013 and came 2nd , her very first pageant!

Lucy and the team were really supportive, they worked tirelessly with all of the girls from 10 in the morning until 10 in the evening to ensure they did everything they needed to do to be at their very best. Hannah loved the atmosphere and also the close knit relationships a lot of the girls had, they all welcomed her with open arms even though they were all competing against one another!

Face of the Globe certainly got Hannah into the Pageant bug and it has been her favourite one so far. She has since competed in 4 other Pageants coming 2nd in 2 of these! This is a massive achievement for her and it has spurred her on to raise money for different charities which she has thoroughly enjoyed.

She has certainly made some friends for life through Face of the Globe, she will be competing in the 2014 heat (10th May) and is really looking forward to working with Lucy and the team again.


Demi-Lee McKenna  |   2013 Junior Grand Finalist 

Hi, I’m Demi-Lee from Ireland im 11 years old and I was lucky to be part of Face Of The Globe Pageant last year. It was the best experience and most exciting thing I have ever done getting to London and Disneyland and meeting all new friends who i have stayed friends with and will for life and going to Disneyland Paris and the Gala night and the Finals it was all amazing.And to top it all of i came 1st runner-up princess which was a dream come true.Also their chosen charity was The Rainbow Child Foundation this was my first time raising money for charity and it made me realise just how much we take things for granted what we have in life it opened my eyes to see those poor children in Africa and how much they needed our help and that was thanks to Face Of The Globe and Chico who founded this charity and such a lovely man. But i couldnt of done it without the help and support from Face Of The Globe and all the Team from i recieved my first email to say i was a Junior contestant representing Ireland all through my journey where i was crowned 1st runner-up princess the team was with me and my mum all the journey replying to all emails answering our questions keeping us updated if there was anything we needed there was always someone there we were never alone.And can i just say how lovely everyone was and how we felt part of the family because thats what we were one big happy family and i hope to be back next year with Face Of The Globe. Love Demi-Lee.

Note from mother of  Demi-Lee: PS Hi, I’m Lorraine, Demi-Lees mum id just like to say a few words how organised and well run the team were from start to finish and how they done this around over 85 contestants was just fantastic Demi-Lee had an amazing time every little girls dream come true to go to Disneyland  and to be crowned 1st runner-up princess and as Demi-Lee said  thanks to Face Of The Globe. Xx


Chloe Lake  |   Midlands Teen Finalist 2014  

I would first like to say, how happy I am to be taking part in another FOG heat this year, I loved the midlands heat, set aside making new friends and feeling like a princess for a day (minus the foot ache from sky high heels..ouch) the FOG girls made me feel really welcome and comfortable considering it was my first pageant, and they’ve given me the pageant bug for sure!! Whether it was Lucie in my interview on stage or heather, fern and Hollie bustling about where we were getting dressed making sure we were all okay and helping us in and out of our dresses, it really made me feel so welcome and calmed my nerves, it really was the best day!! So much so I’m counting down the days til the London heat and can’t wait!!


Sally Gauntlett  |   Mother of Layla, Mini Face Of The Globe 2014 winner

My Daughter, Layla, took part in The FACE OF THE GLOBE competition, first in 2012, and then again in 2013 to become Mini Face of the Globe 2014. Right from the start we were very impressed with the professionalism of Lucie and the Ladies in the FOG team. You just  know when people have their heart and soul in their work.
The enthusiasm of Lucie and her team illuminates every communication, idea and event relating to Face of the Globe competition and the Rainbow Child foundation.
As with Arthritis research UK for Chloe and the Dreamstreet organisation, it is evident that The Rainbow Child Foundation is close to the hearts of Lucie Hide and the Face of the Globe team. Lucie seems to have a special connection with Children, you can see this with how she relates to the young FOG contestants and (possibly due to being a Mummy herself) this kind, maternal empathy reaches out and extends to under privileged Children. She constantly shows unfailing determination to help make life better for the Children who will (and already do) benifit from the money and awareness her Company raises for The Rainbow Child Foundation.
This is also good for the young people who take part in the competition to become aware of the suffering and misfortune of others.
Our little planet needs more love and compassion.  I believe that continued acts of charity (such as the events organised by Face of the Globe and their encouragement for all candidates to contribute in a personal  way) together with Positive enthusiasm for  life, love, kindness, beauty and understanding (all to be gained by participating in such a wonderful pageant) WILL eventually spread over the Face  of the Globe.


Taylor Kitchen  |   2014 Teen Scotland Finalist

Would like to firstly start by saying that i am taylor kitchen i am 13 years old and i am in the teen section of the scotland heats on 9th august in glasgow . I would with a grateful heart  like to thank face of the globe for the fantastic oppertunity that you have gave me to be part of your glourious pageant i am so honoured to be a teen contestant and have the possibility to represent my country at disney land in paris. i have been given the chance to make friends from all over the country that i would never have had the chance to do and because of face of the globe i now have that oppertunity . After being in  a house fire 4 days after christmas and being homeless and being bullied in school  and moving to a different school i had no confidence at all , my mum supported  me and got me into modeling and doing pageants to boost my confidence xand now i have the confidence to enter my 2nd pageant , I am extremely grateful to face of the globe for choosing me i have had an amaizing expereinece doing my fund raising for the rainbow  child fondation to which i am fortunate that i am able to somthing to help  such a great cause. i am only starting my journey with face of the globe but i do hope its a very very long journey that i will be very happy  to travel on  x

thank you once again face of the globe and i wish you all the very best of luck x


Laura Bell  |   Mother of Jessica Bell, Mini Grand Finalist 2014 

My experience with fotg has been a very possitive one , my daughter jessica entered and won the northwest heat in 2013 , unfortunatly she couldnt attened the london and paris finals as her then 7 year old brother had to undergo his 14 and 15th brain surgery the month before the competition , we entered the heat again this year to be invited to carry jessicas place over from last year she is sooo excited and it was a very selfless thing for the fotg organisers to do. it shows us the true spirit of the team and that they really are there to help and want to make as many little ones dreams come true as they can reach . in turn this has encouraged us as a family and indeed our whole town to fundraise and be better people as 2 other little girls inspired by jessica have now won there places in the finals we are really excited to meet all the other finalist and to continue bringing our little town together and the wonderful face of the globe team have made all this possible BIG THANKYOU GUYS <3 WE LOVE YOU LOTS <3


Lisa Hale  |   Mother of Kerys, Teen Face Of The Year winner 2014

On march 2nd 2014 my daughter was crowned Teen face of the year for the Face of the Globe@ the Azur Pavillion Hastings and as a family we were shocked amazed and very proud.

This was my daughters first ever pageant and we were welcomed into the “FOG FAMILY” very quickly and kindly by pageant director Lucie Hide and pageant co ordinator Hollie Gately.  Appearances were requested almost imminently and help advice and information is always on on hand from both of these ladies almost always outside of our normal working hours. Their work precidence is second to none and we are so lucky and privileged to be included in this amazing pageant.

Other title holders are always on hand with advice and pearls of wisdom

The testiment i feel is in the amazing influx in contestants for only the second year of this fast growing pageant and the growing interest and awareness that has been generated and for these reasons please except my nominations as follows
My nomination for Best u.k pageant  is Face of the Globe

A personal thank you from us to all of the above my daughter would not of aspired to where she is now without your help.

Anisa Leli  |  2013 Grand Finalist 

My name is Anisa Leli, 21 Years old. I come from a small place called Morecambe, very quiet but very beautiful. The reason for this e-mail is to show my support for an amazing pageant called Face of The Globe. I was fortunate enough to win the title of Miss North West 2013 Last year and went on to compete in Paris with girls from all over the world.I was lucky enough to be placed 7th from so many amazing and beautiful girl and also manage to grab my self a chance to perform my talent in Disney Land Paris.

Face of the globe is an one amazing pageant it is run by such a beautiful and talented team its amazing, I know if I tried to do this I would give up at the very first stage, but Lucie and the team has done such an amazing job, when I first went it to the North West heat I was nervous as it was my second pageant but as soon as I walked in everyone made me feel so relax and calm , they helped me build my confidence, when I was struggling they prompted me, when I asked if I asked for help they were there for me. When I won the title I was shocked and happy but the team was by my side to help me prepare for my Grand Finals in Paris. Face of the Globe is not just about the beauty you show outside its about the beauty inside, they reward you for everything, specially charity work, this pageant has actually encouraged me to do more charity work and also helped me build my self esteem, it also opened up so many opportunities for me, and Face of the Globe is all about making beautiful memories, making long lasting friends and making your dreams come true.

I would say to anyone who is starting new to pageant world or wanting to achieve their dreams should defiantly go for Face of The Globe, because they help you achieve your dreams, and its such a fun relaxed atmosphere its just incredible, and this is not just a pageant its actually like having a second family, everyone is there in your good times and bad, if you need help they are there.

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to become part of such an amazing family.


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