Alexandra – Spain

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Height: 5″8
Star Sign: Scorpio

Occupation: I currently work as a buying assistant at Dunelm HO

Hobbies: My favourite hobby would have to be going to the gym, I love keeping active and setting myself goals. I also love modelling, pageants and spending time with family.

Ambition: My ambition is to be the best possible version of myself, the strive to achieve each and every day.

Charity you would choose to receive 10% of our fundraising should you be the highest fundraiser: If I could choose a charity to donate to I would choose the YDU at the

Leicester general hospital. This is the ‘Young disabled unit’ they specialise in treating patients under the age of 70 that need one to one care after strokes, amongst other things and they focus on bringing the patients to a full recovery. The work they do is amazing and is somewhere very close to my heart.

Languages Spoken: Spanish and English


Countries Visited: I have visited Spain, France and Egypt. I can’t wait to see more of the world!


Favourite Disney Movie: My favourite Disney movie would have to be The Jungle Book, I love all the songs and the sense of adventure.

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