Amber – Scotland

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Age: 6 years old

Height: 4ft

Star sign: Taurus

Subjects studying at school: My favourite subject is Gym because I love playing games. I also learn about Language, Maths and French.

What are your favourite hobbies and why?: I love playing with my friends and having sleepovers. I am a pupil at UK Theatre School where I train for 3 hours on a Saturday in acting, singing, and dancing-my favourite is singing. I also go to dance classes where I train in ballet, tap, cheer, musical theatre, street dance and cheer stunt-my favourite is cheer stunt because I like being lifted up by the bigger girls! I have just started gymnastics and I love practising cartwheels. I have also been learning how to swim.

What is your biggest ambition?: I would love to be a school teacher because I want to help other children learn about things. I would also like to be a princess in my spare time because I love their dresses!

What is the Charity you would nominate to receive 10% of our fundraising if you are the highest fundraiser , and your reasons why?: Brightest Star is a charity founded in the memory of a 5 year old boy named Jack who lived in our local community. We did not know Jack or his family but have followed his mother’s journey to help make Jack’s legacy a lasting one by raising awareness and funds to help other people save children’s lives and to support families who have children shining brightly in the sky.

Languages spoken or would like to learn: English. I am also learning French at school and can count up to 15. I want to be able to speak French like Belle because she is my favourite princess.

Countries you have visited: Corfu and America

Favourite Disney movie and why?: Frozen-my favourite character is Olaf because he is funny and I love the songs.

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