Annabelle – Canada

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Age: 13

Height: 4feet 9inches or 57inches

Star sign: Sagittarius

Occupation/subjects studying at school: regular public school itinerary

What are your favourite hobbies and why? Acting comedian/improv and face painting. I love making people laugh and coming up with “in the moment” replies. I enjoy seeing little faces of kids light up when I paint their faces.

What is your biggest ambition? My biggest ambition would be to change the world one person at a time and make it a more harmonious place with more laughter. I saw this quote and it stuck with me: Use your smile to change the world BUT let the world change your smile!

Charity you would nominate to receive 10% of our fundraising if you are the highest fundraiser, and your reasons why(web link) I would nominate the IWK Foundation (Children’s Miracle Network). Nothing breaks my heart more than to see a child that is sick. Every child should have the chance to live and enjoy being a kid and when you’re sick or your child is sick you want nothing more than the best medical service possible. That’s what you get at IWK.

Language spoken: English and French

Countries you have visited: Canada, United States, Mexico, Punta Cana, and Dominican Republic

Favourite Disney movie and why: I would have to say that Descendants is now my favorite Disney movie because it proves that anybody can change from bad to good


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