Annika – Australia

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Age: 9

Height: 127cm

Star sign: Aries

Subjects studying at school: I’m in 3rd grade. My favourite subject is English.

What are your favourite hobbies and why?: Gymnastics, swimming and Little Athletics (uniquely Australian!). I love all these sports because I make lots of friends and also I have the
chance to improve on my best every time I participate.

What is your biggest ambition?: Being chosen to represent Australia at the Commonwealth Games in gymnastics!

What is the charity you would nominate to receive 10% of our fundraising if you are the highest fundraiser, and your reasons why : Unicef, because I would like to help children all over the world who don’t have enough money for food, clothes and education. Website:

Languages spoken or would like to learn:  Indonesian.  My mum is teaching me Indonesian and I can count to 100 already and say a few words, but I plan to keep learning until I can speak fully in Indonesian!

Countries you have visited:  Malaysia and Fiji.

Favourite Disney movie and why:  My favourite Disney movie is Big Hero 6.  I love the main character, Baymax because he wants to help people.

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