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Age: 21 again! (33)

Height: 5”7

Star sign: Sagittarius (Christmas baby!)

Occupation: I am an Equestrian Coach holding a Sports England my Sport England British Equestrian Federation UK Coaching Certificate Level 2. I gained this through the national Pony Club – “an international voluntary youth organisation, dedicated to encouraging young people to ride and to care for horses and ponies, whilst promoting the highest ideals of sportsmanship”. I have attended Sports Coach UK training courses in “Coaching the young Performer”, and “Coaching the Disabled child”. My current role is working at a Pony Club Centre Riding School, St Leonards Equestrian Centre, in Launceston. I work with ages 4 years up both individual and group sessions. I also work a contract with behavioural difficulties and learning difficulties children. My proudest position is being head Coach of the ‘Centre Pony Club’ at St Leonards which is affiliated with the national body above mentioned.

Alongside my Equestrian Coaching, I look after a young lady with Cerebral Palsy as a personal assistant. My lady, as a child, although a difficult time for her, was lucky enough to have a family who could fund the specialist private care that is out there and available. Monthly trips to Hungary and summer long camps in Wales were the routines of hers’ and her parents’ life. She was never to walk or talk on NHS care alone. But the special organisations mean the opposite was achieved! I continue her health care with attending the gym weekly and helping her develop further skills, such as cooking and social interaction, so she can live independently.

Lastly my boyfriend and I are farmers! We have a beef heard of 80. Farming is extremely important to our food for our country economy and indeed for the world. The local and national press went wild over the crossover of farming and beauty pageants! I made many local papers, and 3 National newspapers – The Times, Daily Telegraph, Daily Star! It also went viral and I found the story as far as Singapore!

What are you favourite hobbies and why?: Since my earliest memories, I can only ever remember being obsessed with horses and ponies! Maybe it was story tales of Pegasus and Unicorns and Rainbow Bights’ horse! I was very lucky to have an X horsey mother who indulged me….when I say indulge; she worked 7 nights a week in a Chinese takeaway to be able to afford me a pony! I thank her very much. We still keep 4 horses together. Now 27years later I am a keen competitive rider competing nationally at showjumping with my horse Tober Dubalay, otherwise known as The Dude! All my kids at work are massive fans of him! He looks and acts like Pegasus…certainly not a unicorn, he is good looking enough but thoroughly too naughty! I do feel this gives me a focus and dedication and through our competition success I have managed to meet some very important Showjumpers including our World and Olympic teams!

I do love Dance. I used to study RAD Ballet which I loved. I really enjoy going to the theatre to watch the ballet. I also love to go the theatre to watch any shows going! I have in my time of dance also been a backup dancer for two different girl groups (we once supported McFly!), and danced in a couple of Music videos’ through my model agent. I would so much like to start dancing again, but horses do take up a lot of time!

My last hobby…if I can call it that….is to cook. I love cooking new and totally home made meals for my family. It’s my extra special way of showing them how much I love them. My Sunday Roasts are epic!! I am the one always offering up to do Christmas Dinner!!

What is your biggest ambition?: This is a tough one. Competing on the World stage in Face Of The Globe is pretty much it in this respect! I would love to make Newcomers with my Horse in British Showjumping and qualify for Horse Of the Year Show in the Bronze league. We were 93rd of over 650 in the South West region – and this was without barely trying. I feel if I can put that effort in we can get there! I am aiming for 2016 qualification.

My most biggest ambition is to get married and have a family of my own. I cannot wait to be a mummy and a wife. My partner and I are hoping to take on a new farm and grow our farming business and settle down properly. The last 3 years have been traumatic, with the loss of the family Dairy Farm, administration and finally bankruptcy. Life at 30 had to start from scratch, we are slowly recovering and in the next couple of years we aim to be settled and little ones on the way!

Charity you would nominate to receive 10% of our fundraising if you are the highest fundraiser, and your reasons why: In my line of work (equine coach); I come across all sorts of challenging situations. I have a behavioral difficulties children contact which I work hard with, children with learning difficulties, and lately my most challenging, I might add upsetting, teens and pre teens with eating disorders. I do what I can with being their equestrian coach. As Winston Churchill said: “There is nothing so good for the inside of a man, as the outside of a horse”!

So with this quote in mind , I went going to an “Equine Assisted Psychotherapy” network meeting with a psychologist in Penzance Cornwall at Churchtown Morgans, the home of they are a riding centre offering riding lessons, riding for the disabled, beach rides, horsey holidays and more with the most beautiful American breed Morgans. Churchtown is the home of Equus Solutions offering Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning. I saw and joined in on some examples of how the horses are used to focus you on yourself for change, growth and learning. It was very moving! As a skeptic of most psychology (even though it was my minor at University!), I suddenly found myself in tears and incredibly moved! Such a moving and powerful experience. Horses react to our actions and behavior. I know if I am not in a good mood or very stressed, my horse Dude is very flightily and difficult. With 4 feet, or hooves, on the ground, and a natural pray animal, horses react instinctively. So what an ingenious way of therapy and leaning Eagala has developed and Equus Solutions can offer, to get us to look at ourselves and our problems or issues, whether we are aware of them or not, in a whole new way. I know I didn’t expect what happened!

Equus provide this service for referrals from professional bodies dealing with all walks of psychological issues and problems both inherent and reactive such as victim support, addictions, domestic violence, couples counseling, eating disorders, behavioral problems, team building, learning difficulties and many more. Equus are always looking for new funding and contracts to keep building this magical service.

(The governing body Eagala was founded in 1999, the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) is the leading international non-profit association for professionals using equine therapy (horse therapy) to address mental health and human development needs.) www.equussolutions.co.uk

Languages Spoken or would like to learn: English obviously! A tiny bit of Cornish and a minimal amount of French. I would like to speak another language fluently. I think in England, it should be compulsory taught in schools at an early age. When I was in Primary school, for a half team we learnt German. At age 5years I remember loving it and my mum said I was fairly fluent. But languages was not on the curriculum so after this one term I next re visited language 7 years later when I was 12. I remember this being a struggle with one hour a week.

Countries you have visited: Wales, Ireland, France, Spain, Austria, Malta, Cyprus and Portugal! My favourite thing to do is eat local foods and experience local cultures.

Favourite Disney movie and why: I adore the classic Beauty and the Beast. It was one of the first movies I ever saw in the cinema with my childhood best friend. It always brings back that moment of magic! I think most of my life could have a lined drawn from one movie to the next! The latest Cinderella is the most delightful film I think I have ever seen!

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