Charlie – England

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Age 12

Height 5’2″

Star sign Libra

I attend a specialist school for children with Autism and some of my favorite subjects are Food Technology, Art, Music, Design Technology and social skills when we go out to the cafe Heavy black heart

I love to sing and I love all kinds of music. It helps me to express myself and although I find it hard to talk I found my voice with song. I enjoy modelling and really love character modelling I like to research the character and use my acting skills and my favorite shoot was ‘The Book Thief’. I also like cooking and making my cat toys that I sell for charity. I named my cat toy business ‘Keith’s Krafts’ after my rescue cat Keith who is also my best friend.

My biggest ambition is to open an animal rescue center. I want to take in all the sick, injured animals and those that have been sat in standard rescue homes for years because they are disabled and no one wants them. I want to give them somewhere amazing to live out their days feeling special and loved.

The charity I would nominate to receive 10% would be Follow Your Dreams. They help children like myself with learning difficulties to follow their dreams They sponsored me for my first two pageants and bought me a dress to wear. Without them I would of never began my journey into pageants and found a hobby that I love which has helped me in so many ways. I found acceptance, friendship and purpose and I have grown so much in this year I can’t wait to see what the future holds. They are a charity that is really close to my heart and I am proud to be their young ambassador.

I only speak English as we don’t learn languages in our type of school but I would like to learn Norwegian as my granny is Norwegian and she lives in Norway with my grandad.

I have visited France, Portugal, Rome, Dominican Republic, Spain, Norway and I’m soon going to America

My favorite Disney movie is Frozen. I love the music and songs in it but I also relate to the character Elsa as she felt different, scared and alone even though she was around people. This is how I felt before I moved to my school and met other children like me it can be very lonely when you feel so different than everyone around you. I am like Elsa now I’m happy and learning how to control my ‘powers’ and enjoy being around people.


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