Charlotte – England

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Age : 22

Height: 163cm

Star Sign: Libra

Occupation: Although I am still young I have worked in a variety of occupations. I first started working whilst at school in a small animal breeding farm. I looked after the animal’s welfare such as cleaning their pens & feeding them whilst also helping in the shop selling. I became a mini expert in the welfare and wellbeing of rabbits and guinea pigs. This sparked off an interest in both animals and medicine, and at this tender age I wanted to be a vet! I later did some work experience in a veterinary surgery and decided against this idea, however I did know that I definitely wanted to work in a medical career. From here I then worked at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead, it was here that I remained for 5 years through secondary school, sixth form and the beginning of university, whilst here I did an variety of jobs, it was here that I qualified to be a ski instructor at the age of 16, which I felt was a great personal achievement.

Whilst at university I worked at the Old Albanians Rugby Club working on the bar and I was also doing my placement there from university working closely with the team’s physiotherapist. At university I studied Sports Therapy as sport was my passion and it involved some medicine. While doing this I also developed a part time career in the TV, film and the modelling industry. I have worked in numerous productions as a background artist, the ones people usually love the most are Downton, Eastenders and the Avengers film! Since spending some time working in Sports Therapy following my graduation, I now feel this is not the direction of my main career and have finally settled on the career that I definitely know that I am going to pursue far into the future, this is midwifery. Next September I am returning to university to study something I have always had a passion in but didn’t realise that this would be the career path that I ultimately wanted to travel down!

Hobbies: When I was young sports were my hobby and my passion, I loved it completely and it was my life, I competed in gymnastics, I competed for the county swimming, and badminton and I won 3 trophies when doing local skiing competitions in Austria. I also danced for a number of years doing ballet, tap and modern. Lastly I took up rugby and hockey at university. Now that I am older it is a lot harder to try and fit all of those activities in around working but I try my best! The main hobbies that I am still able to do is pole fitness, badminton and going to the gym. I am starting rugby this season with a local rugby club which I am extremely excited about. I started rugby in my final year of university but sadly had to stop due to injury, but I have been told that I am clear to start again! Another hobby that I enjoy tremendously is cooking and baking, I have always enjoyed helping my parents when I was younger and now I do quite a lot of the cooking to help out my parents, it also meant that whilst at university I had quite a good student diet and didn’t live off take away and ready meals, although I definitely did still have my fair share! My housemates also got to enjoy lovely treats every now and again, especially when there were 3 over ripe bananas lying around and I decide to make chocolate banana loaf!

Biggest Ambition: I feel like I have already achieved a lot in my life, I have trekked across mountains and volcanoes in Iceland, I have graduated from university with a degree and I have skied on the tallest mountain in Europe. However career wise my biggest ambition is to be a midwife and to have my own private practice giving all women the best possible care they could ask for when they are bring their children into the world. Although I have already been lucky enough to travel a lot with my parents, there are still lots of places that I would like to not only see but experience their culture and their way of life.

What charity would you nominate to receive 10% of our fundraising if you are the highest fundraiser and why?

The charity I would choose is The Sepsis Trust. I have chosen this charity as it helps to raise money and awareness of people who may have sepsis, sepsis can occur to anyone at any time through the smallest thing such as a paper cut and it can be completely life destroying. Twelve years ago my uncle was suddenly rushed to hospital with septicaemia, at the time he was told that he could potentially only have hours to live, however he pulled through and is still here with us today! If It wasn’t for the doctors around him working miracles to save his life and for him and his continual fighting and battling with all the curved balls this awful disease threw at him he may not still be here today. My uncle is an absolute inspiration to me and my family, and it would mean a lot to us personally as a family to raise money for this charity.

Languages Spoken or would like to learn: I speak English and French already, I would love to learn to speak Italian and Japanese!

Countries you have visited: America, Tunisia, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Portugal, Iceland, Cyprus and so many others! I have been very fortunate to have travelled a lot with my parents my whole life, but there are so many more countries I want to see!

Favourite Disney movie and why: Peter Pan! The message that this film gives you is beautiful, it tells you that you can do absolutely anything if you put your heart, soul and trust into it, and of course with a little fairy dust!

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