Domitila – England

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Age: 16

Height: 5,7

Star sign: Aries

Occupation/Subjects studying at school/college: I am in college studying; chemistry, applied science, history

What are you favourite hobbies and why?: Mentoring young children that’s because i want them to have a good role model and i believe that i am a good role model for young children and writing poetry.

What is your biggest ambition?: Become a neurosurgeon

Charity you would nominate to receive 10% of our fundraising if you are the

highest fundraiser, and your reasons why (Please include a web link to the charity if you have it): i would choose “Malala fund” charity this is because, the charity works around the world to educate the girls who cannot afford to go to school or the girls who are being refused their right to education because of culture or any other reasons.
Languages Spoken or would like to learn: Swahili, English.

would like to learn Arabic and punjabi

Countries you have visited: Kenya, Holland and France

Favourite Disney movie and why: Cinderella because it just tells us what people need to have in life which is kindness and courage. We also have to wait for the right time so as to get the “perfect” thing, just like she did, she waited for that right time and got something really good.


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