Emily – Australia

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age (as of date): 17

Height: 168cm

Star sign: Scorpio

Subjects studying at school: I am currently studying maths B, Chemistry, authority English, Biology, visual art, Cert II in business and religion and ethics at school and my Cert III in beauty therapy externally.

What are your favourite hobbies and why: My favourite hobbies are makeup and science. I am so passionate about makeup and helping people feel beautiful on the outside as well as the inside, I have I massive passion for special effects makeup and strive to work for universal studios as a cinema graphic makeup artist. I wish to expand on this goal by establishing my own makeup company and line, this is where my love of science comes in. I want to be able to complete my bachelor or masters degree in science majoring in chemistry and cosmetic science to achieve this. I believe education is a right that we all take for granted and I want to be able to harness this right to the best of my ability. There are few to many young women heading into the field of science and I would love to become a positive role model and ambassador for women in science. Another one of my hobbies is also getting involved with my community, through my local youth council, and getting out and involved by making and impact. And of course, what would a girl be without one of my favourite hobbies, shopping!

My biggest ambition: My biggest ambition that I have had since I was little is to be a makeup artist. I want to become a cinemagraphic makeup artist and work for universal studios in America. I also want to establish my own makeup brand and skin care range that would be worldly available. I have a passion for makeup and have been doing makeup for events, models, and weddings since 2013. I am also a big advocate for helping youth with depression, anxiety and eating disorders and would love to establish a charitable forefront to assist in combating this ever growing problem in the 21st century. Helping others brings me great joy and a feeling of great gratitude and it is truly humbling. I would love to initiate a program called project happiness that would help these youth, one step at a time.

Charity I would nominate: The charity I would nominate to receive 10% of funds if I were the highest fundraiser would be Beyond Blue. They are a beautiful organisation who help youth with depression and anxiety, which is something truly passionate to me. I have seen many friends around me spiral down into these mental disorders and have seen the devastating impacts it can have on their schooling, friendships and even family life. That is why I would select them.

Languages spoken: I only speak one language English, how ever if I got the chance, I would love to learn French, the language of love.

Countries you have visited: I was very fortunate to be able to visit China and
Singapore in 2010 with my family. It was an amazing experience and I learnt so much history and saw so many amazing things. Of course I have visited my beautiful home country Australia and can not wait to visit London in 2016.

Favourite Disney movie and why: This questions is by far one of the hardest to answer as I have 2 favourite Disney movies, Sleeping Beauty and the Lion King. However if I had to choose I would pick the Lion King. The story it’s self can be linked back to the bible, but I think that it is just a beautiful movie. The songs are so catchy and fill me with so much joy, my friends and I often break out in song at lunch before exams to boost our spirits. I love this movie because I can relate it to myself and my Face of the Globe journey. In the movie you follow Simba and his personal growth journey into become the best he can and I believe that is something that is evident in all Face of the Globe contestants.


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