Emily – Wales

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Age : 9 yrs 5mths

Height: 4ft 5in

Star sign: sagittarius

Occupation/Subjects studying at school/college: I’m in year 4 of junior school I’m studying maths,english,historyand many more things my favourite subject is art

What are you favourite hobbies and why?:My hobbies include gymnastics and dance. I like to do these as they are great fun,keep me fit and I make lots of friends

What is your biggest ambition?: I would love to travel the whole world and see all the amazing places out there. I would also like to be an author and write childrens books

Charity you would nominate to receive 10% of our fundraising if you are the highest fundraiser, and your reasons why (Please include a web link to the charity if you have it): the charity I would like to help would be children in need

Languages Spoken or would like to learn: I speak English and a little Welsh.I would like to learn Chinese and Spanish.

Countries you have visited: I have been to Mallorca,Paris and Australia

Favourite Disney movie and why: My favourite Disney film is Beauty and the Beast. I love it because Belle loves books like me, and she still fell in love with the Beast even though he was different she saw his heart was good and kind.

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