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Age: 26


Height:Height: 5″11

Star Sign: Virgo

Occupation: I currently work as a Receptionist at a Returned and Services League of Australia Club (RSL War Veterans).

Hobbies: I like to get out and live life to the fullest, so my hobbies and interests are endless. I am lucky enough to live on one of the most beautiful and pristine Coasts in Australia so I spend a lot of time at the beach exploring and relaxing. Adjacent to these amazing beaches are incredible Mountain Ranges and National Rainforest Reserves which are where I love to go on hiking, bush walking, mountain climbing and horse riding adventures. Travel is a big hobby of mine, I have been all over Australia, the USA, the Caribbean and Fiji and really value the lessons you learn through exploring other nations and their cultures. I am thrilled to add more countries to my Passport during my trip to England and France for the Face Of The Globe International Finals. At home, I really enjoy cooking. I am often accused of trying to make my work colleagues gain weight, because I love to bake treats and share them around! Cupcakes are my favourite sweets and Italian, Japanese and Thai are my favourite cuisines to cook. I also love to read and watch documentaries, as I think it’s important to continue to broaden my general knowledge about this amazing world we live in.

What is your biggest ambition?:  To be healthy, create happy memories, explore the world, live each day to the fullest and be the best version of myself that I possibly can. However, my biggest career ambition is to build my status in the pageant industry as a competitor/titleholder, performance coach, judge and pageant advocate. I am so thrilled to have won the Face Of The Globe Australia Title and I have already begun this goal by using my status as the reigning Australian Queen to begin to change mindsets globally about pageants and their importance in the lives of women. I believe that Pageants help women develop their confidence and self-esteem, encourages them to be involved in charitable volunteerism and helps teach deportment skills, public speaking skills and the importance of helping others and having a strong community spirit. I feel that too many girls in today’s society do not understand the value of being a lady, holding yourself with poise and dressing appropriately in various social settings. My biggest ambition is to inspire other women to be healthy, honour their bodies and to help educate them into being well presented, well spoken and successful in all areas of life.

Charity you would choose to receive 10% of our fundraising should you be the highest fundraiser: The McIntyre Centre – Riding for the Disabled. As a horse rider myself, this charity is very close to my heart and I think the work that they do is simply incredible. The McIntyre Centre provides horse riding lessons to children and adults with special needs as physical and emotional therapy and helps to enrich their lives by giving them the thrill and freedom of movement and the opportunity to build a loving connection with an animal. The rides also double as physical therapy because horse riding is a natural reflex inhibiting position which helps improve balance and posture, providing a unique form of exercise and muscle rehabilitation. The Centre is a division of the Riding for Disabled Association and based in Pinjarra Hills in Queensland, Australia. They were the first RDA centre to open in 1964 and were pioneers for RDA programs in Australia. They are a local charity in the community and rely almost completely on donations and volunteers to operate. I have been involved with The McIntyre Centre since 2009 and have seen firsthand the amazing work they do and the lives they touch daily. I have also personally raised over $5,000 for them and assisted in purchasing a new pony named Cuddles. I have chosen this charity because I believe in their mission and feel they deserve all the support and financial assistance they can get. Their website is:



Languages Spoken or would like to learn: English and I would love to learn French! Heading over from Australia to compete in Paris for Face Of The Globe has been a wonderful opportunity for me to begin learning this beautiful language and I have already grasped the basics.

Countries Visited: I reside in Australia and am proud to have seen and explored the vast majority of important landmarks and natural wonders in my country. I have also lived, worked and travelled around much of the United States of America and have holidayed in the Caribbean and Fiji.

Favourite Disney Movie: Cinderella has always been my favourite Disney movie and from an early age it helped teach me the importance of kindness, hard work and a courageous spirit. I believe the message embedded within this fairytale is important for young girls; Cinderella was kind to others even if they treated her badly, she was positive even though she was lonely, she worked hard without the promise of reward and although she was suffering she always cared for others before herself and put their needs above her own. Cinderella proves that working hard, persevering in the face of difficulty and having a compassionate heart and a solid belief in your dreams will always be rewarded


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