Flavia – Brazil

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Age : 6 years

Place of birth: São Luis MA/Brazil

height: 1.19m

Star sign: Capricorn

Educational level: Esudante / studying “year 1” in the Maple Bear school.

What is your favorite hobby and Why? Dance, because it is good for the body as well as feeling very well. I feel happy when I dance.

What is your greatest ambition? Achieve steady me as a model and bring good to where I am.

Name of an NGO you participate and what is its purpose? Educandário St. Anthony and nursery Aunt Celeste, the breed takes care of orphaned children and the nursery Aunt Celeste takes care of poor children, children of drug addicts and prisoners.

Spoken language / would like to learn: I speak Portuguese and English and want to learn Chinese.

Countries you visited? USA

Disney favorite movie and why? Maleficent, because it speaks of a pure and true love


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