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Age: 13

Height: 153cm

Star sign: Gemini

Subjects studying at school/college: I attend John Paul College and love Maths, Sport and SOSE.

What are you favourite hobbies and why?: Netball as it’s a great team sport and I love to play. Last year I played in the State Netball Team Representing the Goldfields and I hope to do this again this year. Modelling and Photography – I love everything about this, from photos, catwalk, hair/make-up and the amazing people you meet. Dancing as it makes you feel free.

What is your biggest ambition?: To be a successful model living in London and inspiring other young girls from small outback Australian towns to go for their dreams.

which Charity would you nominate to receive 10% of our fundraising if you are the highest fundraiser, and your reasons why:Goldfields Children Charity – Goldfields Children Charity is a locally based and run Kalgoorlie Charity, which aims to improve the lives of local people by supporting families with seriously ill children. They also donate to various charities in need like the Royal Flying Doctors and Ronald McDonald House. As I needed the Royal Flying Doctors at the age of 18 months when I fell seriously ill, I would love to be able to give back to such an important Service, without RFDS there would be no access to medical assistance within emergency situations for our country community. Ronald McDonald House helps our local families when they have to travel so far for extended periods of time when dealing with serious illnesses like Cancer, it gives them a home away from home and the support they need to get through such hard times.

Languages Spoken or would like to learn: I would love to learn French, I learnt little at primary school.

Countries you have visited: Malaysia, Thailand and New Zealand

Favourite Disney movie and why: Monster University because it doesn’t matter what the odds are if you put your heart, soul and determination into your biggest dreams they can come true.


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