Hannah – England

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Age: 26

Height: Tiny size!! (5 foot 6)

Star sign: Taurus

Occupation/Subjects studying at school/college: I am a personal trainer who specialises in body confidence, helping people love the gym and confident with the weights!! I am also a spin, boxercise and Hula Hoop instructor! I have just graduated with my BA in Classical History and am constanntly learning and taking on new courses in regard to the body and how it moves!

What are you favourite hobbies and why?: My favourite hobbies would be singing, I LOVE to sing, i’m always the one suggesting karoke and I even have an karoke app downloaded onto my phone so I can sing with people all across the world!!! I also love reading and writing poetry, I have been published before and also love what is called Epic poems which date to the Greek and Roman times, the Illiad being my favourite! (The film Troy is based on this Epic Poem, it’s a huge book!!). Also Hula Hooping, creating new moves and challenges with the hoop always makes me happy! If I ever feel sad or down, a Hoop session will give me all my energy back!!!

What is your biggest ambition?: My biggest ambition would be to hold a world title in pageantry, so I can use my title world wide to promote unique beauty and confidence from within. Winning Face of the Globe would be a dream as it promotes being yourself, from a girl who is not your size zero (I love chocolate too much!), has tattoos, vampire teeth (honest i could of got a part in Twilight), it unites girls from all over the world to celebrate who you are!! Also I can bring this into my profession and open up my own studio, complete with catwalk so all my clients after their body transformation can feel even more awesome about themselves by strutting their stuff!

Charity you would nominate to receive 10% of our fundraising if you are the highest fundraiser, and your reasons why : I am a patron of a charity called Beni Bear, which helps children in Swindon with all different learning and mental abilities. Having come from a childcare background, I’ve seen the difference in what funding local charities does for the children themselves and would love to make a difference in my hometown who have supported me throughout my pageant journey!!

Languages Spoken or would like to learn: I speak English, I got a C in French but I only know a few sayings, the same with Greek! I would love to learn Italian or Spanish as they sound so beautiful when they talk, and also read Japanese!!

Countries you have visited: I hven’t travelled outside Europe… Yet!! But I have been to Portugal, Spain, Malta, France, Greece, Corfu and most recently Italy where I spent an amazing week discovering everything I had studied in my degree! I also lived on a Greek Island for 5 months as my job in being a holiday rep, Zante is like my second home!!

Favourite Disney movie and why: My favourite Disney movie has to be Hercules for the simple fact it is about Greek Mythology (although the real tale of Hercules is not a fairytale in the slightest!). It has catchy songs, and a great story about the hero who even as people taunted him and doubted him, made it! Also I can relate to Meg, as someone who was a fool for love, not wanting to put your heart back out there! I aspire to be like that love story, without the trip to the underworld that is!!! Another favourite Disney film would of course be Mulan, proving that girls can do anything in a man’s world!!!



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