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Age: 26


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What are your favourite hobbies and why? I suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and it can get really difficult to focus, I have so much energy bottled up. I enjoy running because it helps get rid of my energy and allows me to clear my head and get back to work! I also enjoy volunteering for my church and community. Not only do I get to meet so many people and make valuable connections, but I also get to help others. I feel like everyone has, at some point in their life, needed assistance (myself included) and to pay it forward is just such an amazing feeling! Finally, I enjoy singing in my church choir and playing the flute. Music can be such a relaxing hobby and can really exercise the mind.

What is your biggest ambition?
When I tell people I participate in beauty pageants, people always jokingly ask if I want world peace. And the answer is yes, that is my biggest ambition. However, I know this is not realistic. But I can make a difference and encourage others to make positive changes in this world together!  I currently work as a teacher at a Christian based childcare facility. I would like to continue work with children and help them grow in their faith and learn to love learning!  I would also like to become more involved with charities dealing with education and children.  My hope is that I can change the heart of at least one person and cause a chain of positive actions!

Charity you would nominate to receive 10% of our fundraising if you are the highest fundraiser, and your reasons why:
Carly Cares Foundation –  Carly suffers from Progeria, a rare disease that causes sufferers to age rapidly. From the day I met her, I realized that despite her small size, she was strong! She doesn’t let her disease stop her from doing things other kids her age does and always has a something to say that makes others smile! I love being greeted by a hug from her and love the way she’s not afraid to take on the world! Her organization promotes research for Progeria and helps raise money for Carly and kids like her. I also want to support her because I truly look up to her mother, who started the organization. She works tirelessly to promote Carly’s cause and to educate others on this rare disease! Her passion and drive is beautiful and inspiring.

Languages Spoken or would like to learn: English, Japanese, and Spanish

Countries you have visited: England and Canada

Favourite Disney movie and why: Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Disney movie because I think there is a good message behind it! Belle fell in love with the Beast for his heart and not his looks. She did not turn away from him because of the way he looked and helped him see the beauty in himself.


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