Lauren – Wales

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Name – Lauren

Age – 14

Height – 5ft 4inches

Star sign – Libra

Subjects studying at school – I will be studying history, law & English as my subjects from next year.

Favourite hobbies and why – All types of dancing from ballet modern and now disco. I have always loved dancing from as early as 4 years old. artial arts & fitness, my family run the school and we always love training together and keeping fit.

Charity you would nominate to receive 10% of your fundraising if you are the highest fundraiser and your reasons why – The Stroke Association. I lost my grandmother 2 years ago to a massive stroke which I was very close to. Since then I’ve been wanting to help raise as much funds as possible, to prevent this from happening to more people and to also support those that have suffered a stroke.

Languages spoken or you would like to learn – I speak Welsh as my first language, English as my second language. I’m also studying French in school.

Countries you have visited – Greece, Tenerife, futeventura, Austria

Favourite Disney movie and why – My favourite Disney movie is Pocahontas because it isn’t a fairy tale its a reminder and also teaches everyone on how to love the environment and cherish little things in life.

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