Leticia – Ireland

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Age: 14
Height: 171 cm
Star Sign:  Virgo
Subject studying at school: Fingal Community Collage- Maths, English, Sience, Spanish, Geografy, History
Favourite hobbies and why : Drawing I like to draw and listen to music, because while it is switched off. I can immerse myself think at time.
Charity you would nominate to receive 10% of your fundraising if you are the highest fundraiser and your reasons why:  My sponsor is my godmother. She is working in the beuty industry. Hungary has an artificial nail salon. The godmother of a master nail builder, she has won several awards in Hungary. Many times won beauty contests, and she also worked in the business model. Since early childhood supports and stands beside me in everything, be it fashion, makeup, or anything else. She is my idol.
Languages spoken or you would like to learn:I am born in Hungarian and I learn English, and Spanish in the school.
Countries you have visited: I was Holiday in Egypt, Italy, Bulgaria, French, England, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Austria, Turkey, Portugalia
Favourite Disney movie and why:
My favourite Disney movie is a Tinker Bell. I like the fairies, because they are very kind, able to do anything, just believe and no one ever will not abandon the ship. People could learn a lot from them.

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