Maddie – Jordan

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Age: (by April 2016) will be 22
Star sign: Libra
Height: 5ft 6in
Occupation: Assistant Manager at Deal Castle
My favourite hobbies are; Dancing and performing because having a good sing or dance seems to make everyone happy, I also love cooking and baking!
My biggest ambition is to run a sports events company that organises major sporting events all around the world. In addition to this I would love to set up a charity that funds children’s sporting scholarships for children all around the world.
The charity I would nominate would be the MS Trust, they do some amazing work and are a fantastic support system for those suffering with MS.
Languages spoken: English and Arabic. I’d love to continue to learn how to speak Arabic.
Countries visited: Ireland, Wales, France, Belgium, England, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Malta, America, Jordan, Dubai, Turkey, Qatar.
My favourite Disney film: It would have to be Peter Pan, because I don’t want to grow up either!

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