Margarita – Armenia

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Age: 22



Height: 163 cm


Star Sign: I’m an Aquarius


Occupation: I am currently I’m working in a real estate company as a CRM Officer.


Hobbies: The thing that I love doing most is acting and photoshoot’s. I always dreamed of being a famous actress, to be in Hollywood with all the movie stars.


Charity you would nominate and why: I would definitely nominate this 10% to children with cancer.




Languages spoken: I speak Russian, English, Armenian, learning Arabic. Would love to learn French, Spanish and Italian.




Countries visited:  Honestly haven’t travelled a lot, I’ve been in Turkmenistan, Armenia and UAE




Favourite Disney movie:  Sleeping Beauty. I always wanted to be that princess that falls asleep and will wake up only from a kiss of a prince.


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