Nthabiseng – South Africa

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Age: I am 27 Years old.

Height : 1.67
Star sign : Scorpio
Occupation: Sales and Marketing Manager
Hobbies: My favourite hobbies are reading books, dancing, writing poetry and horse riding because they develop both my body and mind. I am adventurous and competitive, always ready to learn something new.
Ambitions: My biggest ambition is to inspire the world through business empowerment, education development and Social platforms. I aim to be a successful business mogul, a powerful Role Model and established media and beauty Icon through various innovative platforms.
If you were the highest fundraiser, which charity would you chose to receive 10% of the total amount raised?: Raise The Children International because it is a charity foundation that searches for orphan children in South Africa, United Kingdom and USA from rural areas with determination to learn and gives them an opportunity to get bursaries to attend in urban developed schools and ultimately tertiary institutions. After obtaining their tertiary education they return to their communities and implement projects or businesses to develop others and contribute towards economy and social stability in their nation.
Languages spoken : English, Official Native South African Languages and French. Language l would like to learn: Mandarin and Spanish.
Countries Visited: The countries l have visited are Botswana and Zimbabwe
Favourite Disney Movie: My all time favourite destiny movie is Cinderella because l believe love is the most powerful weapon that can change the world and any circumstances. I believe in happily ever after and this movie always touches me within.

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