Princess Adaezen – Nigeria

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Height: 5’ 6

Star sign: Libra

Occupation/subjects studying at school/college: I am currently a final year law student at the University of Buckingham UK. I also work part-time with a charity organisation which supports individuals with autism, learning and/or physical disabilities.

What are your favourite hobbies and why: My favourite hobbies includes reading, playing chess, cycling and swimming. Reading is one of my favourite hobbies and my favourite books are: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey, The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene and The 50th Law by 50 Cent and Robert Greene.  These books teaches that success is the product of hard work, strategic planning, discipline, persistence, perse-verance, determination and above all, I learnt that perception is everything. Playing chess is also one of my hobbies. I love chess because it is a game of strategy. It enhances my focus and concentration levels. The game of Chess also teaches the skills for planning as not planning is a good plan to fail. I love cycling and I have a bicycle which is my little secret escape. It keeps me relax and happy indeed. Finally, I love swimming however, there should be a lifeguard or an experience swim-mer not too far away.

Charity you would nominate to receive 10% of our fundraising if you are the highest fundraiser, and your reasons why : I would love to nominate Arm of Hope foundation (AHF) to receive the 10% of the fund. The obvious reason for nominating Arm of Hope Foundation is because in many countries, access to education is not free or affordable for all. I share similar view with AHF. With literacy, the long-term circle of poverty in Africa will be broken as development in Africa will not be complete if the leaders of tomorrow are not educated.

Arm of Hope Foundation work mainly with communities where there is a need to support vulnerable individuals, traumatised, displaced, rejected, less fortunate and individuals with disabilities. AHF is committed to supporting the most deserving individuals, educating underprivileged children, orphans and empowering needy widows thereby relieving property in the remote areas of Africa and beyond .

In a nutshell, Arm of Hope is all about educating the future leaders, empowering widows, enriching communities and human rights. AHF provides professional skills and training where necessary to support projects in rural communities. Arm of Hope Foundation is indeed hope to the hopeless and the oppressed.

Languages Spoken or would like to learn: My first language is Igbo which is one of the Nigerian languages. I learnt how to speak English and I am currently at level 1 French. I would like to improve on my French, learn Italian, Spanish, Latin, Dutch and Mandarin.

Countries you have visited: I have visited South Africa, Ghana, Republique du Benin, Nigeria, Republique Togolaise, Netherlands, Spain, Scotland, England, Wales, Dubai and AbuDabi in the United Arab Emirates. I look forward to visiting France to compete at the grand final in Disneyland Paris.

What is your biggest ambition? I consider the legal profession to be a vocation therefore, my greatest ambition is to serve humanity. In many countries, the right to legal representation is only seen in the constitution but access is being denied in practice. It is of general knowledge that without access there is no justice and justice delayed is denied. The underprivileged majority are being denied of justice in our society as only the rich and the affluent can afford the cost of justice. The poor majority are being oppressed, denied of justice and their fundamental rights are being violated. I intend to give voice to the voiceless and hope to the deserving individuals in our society by providing free legal aid and becoming a successful lawyer is the first step towards achieving this great ambition.


Favourite Disney movie and why: My favourite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast because the story is thought provoking. It highlights the true magic of love which was the only thing that could restore Gaston. Love is also shown to be stronger than hate.This movie teaches that patience is a virtue and every rose has its thorns. Belle’s experience did not look like something that could lead to a happy ending but she did not give up. It further confirms the usual saying that looks can be deceptive, Belle took time to study Gaston and found that he was gentle and kind despite his sturdy, intimidating and scary exterior.I also learnt that perfection lies in imperfection. It teaches us to embrace what makes us different as it is what makes us special and true beauty comes from within manifested through kindness and love. Finally, Belle’s quest for knowledge is adorable.


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