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Name: Ruth Wade


Age: 27


Height: 5’8’’


Star sign: Libra


Occupation: Health Insurance Consultant at Aon Employee Benefits


What are you favourite hobbies and why? Growing up my passion was dancing and Rhythmic Gymnastics. As a child I trained four days a week for gymnastics and was lucky enough to compete at a National level, winning several National titles with my team mates. One of the best aspects of competing as part of a team was the support and fun we all had as we grew up and learnt more in the sport, we were able to be highly creative in coming up with new ideas for routines and collaboration. As part of competing in this sport I was also lucky enough to be a part of a spin off venture which my coach created, a performance company called AlienZoo. As I was involved with AlienZoo from the inception I have had some truly amazing experiences performing with this company. From corporate events to televised appearances, in 2010 I had the honour of appearing on Britain’s Got Talent which was completely unforgettable. Although I have taken a back seat from training with AlienZoo in recent years, in November 2015 I was thrilled to be able to return to the group to take part in a performance for TedX talks in Leamington Spa. This performance saw noted speakers come together for a day of lectures with the topic for discussion being “courageous creations”. We were lucky enough to be one of four ‘physical talks’ on the day and were able to showcase our performance for the sell-out audience attending the event. The recording of the event is due to be posted on the web in the coming months and I am excited to watch it back and re-live the experience as it was truly breath taking to be a part of.

As I have grown older my biggest hobby has become cooking and baking. Anyone who knows me will say that I cannot bear to leave people hungry and feel the need to feed everyone around me. I now absolutely love entertaining at my house and regularly have my friends and family over for dinner, my speciality has become healthy cooking, as healthy eating is something which I am passionate about. I love to create recipes and dishes which are healthy and also taste and look great. Aside from healthy eating I do love to bake, although I do have a few healthy cake recipes up my sleeve, most of these recipes tend to be more suitable for the occasional treat. I find it so relaxing and rewarding to create beautiful cakes, biscuits and just about anything you can bake. Since winning my title of Face of the Globe London 2016 I have put my baking to good use, creating my own charity bakes business to sell my creations to raise money for Rainbow Child Foundation. This has been a great way to combine my hobby with my fundraising and I plan to continue this after the finals.

Finally a more recent hobby which I have just begun is playing football. Since I have not been able to train in gymnastics in recent years, I have been looking for another team sport which I could get involved with and this year I discovered football. I am certainly no David Beckham but I do enjoy training with the other women as well as getting fit and learning new skills. I would like to encourage more women and girls to take up a team sport and I am really enjoying learning to play football.

What is your biggest ambition: 
I am very fortunate to have achieved many of the personal ambitions I set for myself when I was younger. Throughout school my ambition was to get into Oxford University and unfortunately I was unsuccessful in securing a place. I believe this taught me a lot about perseverance when you do not achieve your goals; to never give up on yourself. I was, however, lucky enough to receive a place to study English Literature at the University of Warwick and I am pleased to say that after four years of hard work I graduated with honours. I am now extremely lucky to have a fantastic career in a job that I love, as well as a loving husband.

My ambitions now for the future are to have a healthy, happy life and I would love to start a family as I have always wanted children. In life you do not know what the future holds and I believe in seizing every opportunity that is presented to me. As a finalist for Face of the Globe I am always striving to be the best possible version of myself and to positively influence those around me, I would be so thrilled and honoured to win the title and this is my main focus currently. I believe in giving your all to any goal which you set yourself and I have put my whole heart and soul into my title; whatever the outcome I will be proud of what I have achieved so far.

Charity you would nominate to receive 10% of our fundraising if you are the highest fundraiser, and your reasons why: 
The charity which I would choose to support is The Sutton Trust. This charity aims to tackle social mobility and increase the number of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds accessing higher education. Currently in the UK independent school pupils are twice as likely as comprehensive pupils to get into the 30 most selective universities and seven times as likely to get into Oxbridge, this is a statistic that I would like to try to address. I believe strongly that education is the key to unlocking the potential of the next generation and that this can only be achieved with equality for every child, no matter what their background. This is a cause which I am passionate about and I would love to have the chance to help the Sutton Trust further their research and put more programs in place to help young people reach their potential.


Languages Spoken or would like to learn: I speak English and I also have GCSEs in French and Latin (although Latin you don’t actually speak). I would love to learn more languages in the future.


Countries you have visited: I have been lucky enough to travel to many amazing places including the USA, the Caribbean, Mexico, Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, Slovakia, Greece and the Canary Islands. I have also travelled around the UK and I am always finding beautiful new places to visit in my home country. I would love to travel further and the next places on my dream list to visit are the Middle East and of course Australia, which looks so beautiful.

Favourite Disney movie and why: 
My favourite Disney movie is Wall-E because it is such a gorgeous movie and serves as a reminder never to neglect our environment or ourselves. I find it is increasingly relevant as the modern world becomes more and more invested in technology and social media, we must always remember to make time for our loved ones and not become slaves hiding behind the technology we created.

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