Spotlight on…Sofia, Mini Face Of The Globe 2015

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  1. Could you tell us what you enjoyed the most about the competition and what winning has meant to you? 

Making new friends and going to Disneyland Paris & being part of Face of the globe and it was the first time I have ever won anything.

       2. If you could be any Disney character which one would you be and why?    

Rupunzel, because of her long hair like mine.

3.       Who is your role model and why?

Julie Andrews, because I love watching her in Mary Poppins & the sound of music and I would like to be like her she is 78 now and she is the queen in the primcess diaries to.

4.       In the future, if you won the lottery what would you spend your winnings on?

A Mansion and I would like to have a big building with 3 floors and call it Superstars for everyone to learn to sing, dance and do acting

5.       Following your win in Disneyland Paris your next 18 months as Face Of The Globe are bound to be incredible, what things would you like to achieve over the coming months?

I would really really really really like to be a judge, meet lots of new friends and go to lots of places with my crown & sash

6.       What do you love most about your home town and or country?

You get to speak another language and all my family live close to me.

7.       What would you like to do when you’re older?

Be a Superstar on the stage in the Westend

      8.       What is your biggest achievement?

Winning Mini Face Of The Globe

      9.   Do you have any hobbies, if so what are they and how did you get into them?

Singing, dancing, acting and playing musical instruments. When I was 3 I remember starting school and learning songs for our xmas concert and I decided then that is what I wanted to do.

     10.   What do you enjoy the most about your life?

My family & friends

     11.   What do you enjoy most about school?


     12.   What are your ambitions?

To be famous

     13.   What 3 things could you not live without?

Singing, my family & milk

     14.   What are your dislikes?

Running, gymnastics & cabbage

    15.   How would you describe yourself?

Long hair, blue eyes & freckles



Bio | About Sofia

Age – 7 yrs old

Lives in – Wales

Height – 3ft 11 inches

Starsign – Libra

Favourite hobbies & why – I enjoy singing, dancing & acting and I love to dress up for Shows

What is your biggest ambition – I really want to be a famous singer

If you were the highest fundraiser, which charity would you nominate to receive 10% of the fundraising total? Anthony Nolan – juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia

Countries visited – America, Greece, Cape Verde, Tunisia, Eygpt, Gran Canaria andDisneyland Paris really soon.

Languages Spoken: Welsh and English

Favourite Disney movie & why – Mary Poppins, because I love Julie Andrews and I think she is a really good actress.

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