Grand Finalists

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Each of our grand finalists compete in all stages of our Grand Finals in London & Disneyland Paris, aside from the Talent round which is optional.

Our finalists are placed in one of 4 age categories;

Mini: 5-8 year olds
Junior: 9-13 year olds
Teen: 14-17 year olds
Adult: 18 + (No upper limit)

Some countries may have more than one finalist, and together they will form a team. These teams are not narrowed down at the grand finals, everyone is judged equally.

Face Of The Globe is open to applicants from all over the World, and with such a diverse range of cultures and ages, this creates a unique learning opportunity to discover other cultures, and form new friendships which otherwise may never have been possible.

Finalists will have been selected at live events in their own countries, others may have completed a written application process and often a telephone or Skype interview also in the circumstance where there is no National Director appointed in their country.

2016 Adult Grand Finalists

2016 Teen Grand Finalists

2016 Junior Grand Finalists

2016 Mini Grand Finalists


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