Israel – South Africa

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Age (on 1st April 2016): 44

Height: 1.68

Star sign: Leo

Occupation: Teacher/writing PhD proposal in Rural Development

What are you favourite hobbies and why?: Singing, designing,modeling and running because I love using what God has blessed me with and those are the talents.I use my own body,mind,knowledge,skills and attitude.

What is your biggest ambition?: I want to see myself occupying the highest managerial position in the highest educational institution.

Charity you would nominate to receive 10% of our fundraising if you are the highest fundraiser, and your reasons why: Judaroeis because it is an organization helping people in the community by providing food hampers,clothes and also assisting people without homes with shelter.

Languages Spoken or would like to learn: Venda ,I would like to learn French

Countries you have visited: Israel, Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Zambia, Lesotho

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