Van – Iraq

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Age: 23

Height: 5.6ft

Star sign: pieces

Occupation/Subjects studying at school/collage:

Student/environmental engineering

What are you favorite hobbies and why? My favorite hobbies are swimming, painting, and playing violin. Swimming helps me get relaxed and clears my mind in every way possible. Painting gives me pleasure and it helps me express myself when words cannot. I really enjoy music and it has been a dream of mine to learn how to play violin. Now, I have made a big dream of mine come true, a dream that can easily make me happy.

What is your biggest ambition? My biggest ambition is that I create an organization where I can help homeless people in Kurdistan because we see many of them on the streets of Kurdistan. I want to help them by providing shelters since we do not have it in Kurdistan.


Charity you would nominate to receive 10% of our fundraising if you are the highest fundraiser, and your reasons why (Please include a web link to the charity if you have it): I would like to nominate Kurdistan Save the Children, KSC. It is a non-governmental, non-political, non-sectarian charity organization founded in 1991. The organization’s aim is to help kids in every way possible. For instance, it helps their health, education, protection, and almost every need that a child would want. Besides, they do help and take donations to the refugees all the time in Kurdistan, Iraq, since we have many refugees because of the current situation that the ISIS, Islamic State of Iraq and Sham, caused in Iraq.

Languages Spoken or would like to learn:

I speak Kurdish, English, Turkish, and Arabic. I would want to learn Spanish and French, as well.

Countries you have visited: Turkey and Malaysia

Favorite Disney movie and why: My favorite Disney movie is Cinderella. It is an ultimate tale of good and evil. It is my favorite Disney movie because it taught me that we could make good choices in tough circumstances. Besides, I admire her love for life and not letting the circumstances she is in destroy her.

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