International Entries

All international applications can be made by filling out the online form here

Live Heats Across the Globe
In some countries, we have appointed National Directors to run the franchise in their host country. In this instance, a live event will be run. If there is a live event near to you, you will be advised of this once your application is received.

FOTY 2013

Countries Without National Directors
If you are looking to compete, and there is no National Director appointed yet in your country, applications from that country will be reviewed by our panel to decide who would be the best representatives. There may be more than one representative from each country, in which case your title will represent your region or city.

Those taking this option will be required to find a sponsor. Details of pricing and what it includes are shown on our sponsorship page.


Becoming a National Director
Opportunities to become a National Director are now available. You will be required to apply stating any relevant experience you have, and we shall assess who would be most suitable for the role. In larger countries, this will divided by regions. Information on how to become a National Director can be found on the left of this page.

Representing your Home Country
If you are no longer living in your home country, you can stilll represent your heritage. Simply state this is what you would prefer to do on your application form.

Brazil at Eiffel Tower

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